Monday, May 12, 2014

The Last Acceptable Prejudice?

At different times in the past ten years, Mark Massa, SJ and Philip Jenkins, professors of theology at different universities, have written different books whose subtitle indicated that anti-Catholicism was the "last acceptable prejudice" in the United States.  Recent events at Harvard University seem to bear this out. Click here for the statement from the President of Harvard about the so-called "Black Mass" being held there.  In the statement, free expression is defended "although it may deeply offend us." Yes, it's "deeply regrettable" that this is permitted to occur, but it does cause one to wonder whether it would be defensible as "freedom of expression" if aimed at another religion. So we ask again:  Is anti-Catholicism the last acceptable prejudice in the United States?

(Addendum:  Since this was posted, the Black Mass was postponed indefinitely, as noted here by the Catholic News Agency..)

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