Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pray and Act: Bring Back Our Girls

Tina Santiago-Rodriguez, a blogger at, has posted "Bring Back Our Girls: Pray and Act for Nigeria (and the World)."

In this very informative post, Santiago-Rodriguez plainly presents the facts and offers suggestions for action:  "As ordinary citizens, we might not be able to do much in terms of directly helping the Nigerian government recover the kidnapped schoolgirls. As Catholics though, we can do our part by calling on the heavenly ‘forces’ and lifting up their plight in our prayers.  Pray for the girls, pray for their kidnappers (yes, they need our prayers too!), pray for those involved in rescue operations, pray for our governments to do something concrete to help countries like Nigeria. Pray for the WORLD. It may sound cliche to some, but we believe that prayer is power, and can work miracles and move mountains.

Of course, with prayer comes action too. In your own way, help spread the word about the Nigerian schoolgirls’ plight. Use the hashtag #bringbackourgirls in your social media posts about them. Support groups and organizations that fight against the discrimination and abuse of women/girls, as well as groups and organizations that seek to provide education to females of all ages and races. Offer up Masses for this specific intention, or maybe even hold prayer gatherings just to intercede for the millions of girls and women who need our prayers every day. If you have kids, teach them to pray for these intentions too.

In the end, the little we do may not seem much, but in the eyes of our Lord, it will make a difference."

Click here to read the entire post and please think about your answer to her final question:  "How else do you think we can help the victims of attacks like those that happened [in Nigeria]?"

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