Thursday, December 31, 2015

Overcome Indifference and Win Peace

The theme for this year's World Day of Peace (January 1)  is "Overcome Indifference and Win Peace."  Click here to access the message from Pope Francis to commemorate this day and here to access the summary of the message -- with suggestions for actions --  available from the USCCB.  In his message, Pope Francis calls us, in the spirit of the Jubilee of Mercy, to "realize how indifference can manifest itself in our lives and to work concretely to improve the world around us, beginning with our families, neighbors and places of employment." 

He concludes, "I would like to make a threefold appeal to the leaders of nations: to refrain from drawing other peoples into conflicts or wars which destroy not only their material, cultural and social legacy, but also – and in the long term – their moral and spiritual integrity; to forgive or manage in a sustainable way the international debt of the poorer nations; and to adopt policies of cooperation which, instead of bowing before the dictatorship of certain ideologies, will respect the values of local populations and, in any case, not prove detrimental to the fundamental and inalienable right to life of the unborn."

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Join Us in Prayer

On the 11th of each month, the Sisters of Christian Charity pray and fast for peace in our world. Click here to go to the SCC Western Region's website to find prayers for today.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December Issue of Stop Trafficking

In anticipation of January's National Anti-Trafficking month, the December issue of Stop Trafficking, available here, gives basic information about human trafficking that can be used to educate others.  Even if the issue of human trafficking is very familiar to you, the December issue is a good review.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Our Merciful Hearts

The word for mercy in Latin is misericordia -- suggesting that one has his or her heart (cor) with those who are poor or who suffer (miseri).  Perhaps we should begin the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy with a "heart checkup." Fortunately, this type of checkup does not involve going to a medical provider. 

In the words of Pauline von Mallinckrodt, founder of the Sisters of Christian Charity, "We should have neither eyes to see the faults of others, nor ears to listen to evil reports about them, nor tongue to accuse them, nor reason to judge them, nor will to condemn them, nor memory to recall evil of them, but a merciful heart to compassionate all, a charitable tongue to excuse all, a meek and patient disposition to bear with all" (from the SCC Constitutions). 

As you enter into this Year of Mercy, how's your heart?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hunger Hits Home

As we travel through Advent and prepare for our Christmas and other holiday celebrations, could we take a moment (or 40 minutes) to consider childhood hunger in the United States?  This 2012 video from the Food Network, "Hunger Hits Home," might motivate us to consider actions toward ending hunger -- especially childhood hunger -- in this country.  It is worth your time to watch.