Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Attention Pennsylvanians!

Those of you in Pennsylvania might want to pay attention to this message about human trafficking from the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference:

Human trafficking is modern day slavery - one person profiting from the exploitation of another. It can take the form of prostitution, slave labor, pornography or other abuses.

And it is happening here in Pennsylvania. A leading human trafficking hotline received over 2,100 calls to report suspected human trafficking in Pennsylvania alone.

Pope Francis has pointed out our personal responsibility for this scourge, saying we "must not allow these women, men and children to be treated as objects, to be deceived, raped, often sold and resold for various purposes, and in the end either killed or left devastated in mind and body, only to be finally thrown away or abandoned. It is shameful."

Pennsylvania is known as a "pass through state" whose laws and atmosphere make it easier for traffickers to carry out their heinous actions. Senate Bill 75 will address human trafficking through prosecution, prevention and protection.

We must act TODAY, just click on the link below to contact your legislator in support of SB 75.

Click the link below to log in and send your message (scroll down to the human trafficking link):

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