Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tuesday's Reflection: What Do I Bring?

We are grateful to Sister Mary Amata Reifsnyder, SCC, for sharing this pre-Chapter reflection:

Jesus referred to himself, his message, and its recipients as new wine poured into new wineskins.  As we prepare for this Provincial Chapter, I wonder how I am being asked to pour myself out?

If I am honest, fear sometimes gets the best of me and I worry that what I bring will not be enough.  I am slowly realizing that Christ isn't asking me for perfection.  He isn't asking that I come polished and perfect.  He just asks me to bring ordinary water so he can turn it into new wine.

I'm not sure what this Chapter will bring, but I know I bring my heart -- sometimes raw and broken, sometimes joyful, sometimes sorrowful.  I bring my struggles and my crosses, hoping to lay them down rather than to hold them in fear.  I bring my praise for God's blessings in good times and bad times.  I bring myself, ready to be broken and poured, hoping to be able to respond with a full-hearted "Yes" to God's call even when I am not sure where it will lead.

I bring all my intentions, big and small, to the God of miracles, knowing that transformation is not only a possibility, but also a catalyst for our mission:  "Transformed by a eucharistic lifestyle, we are impelled to give and receive Christ's love, joy, peace and healing for the life of the world" (Eastern Province Mission Statement).

- Sister Mary Amata ministers at St. Joseph's Health (Paterson, NJ).
The Sisters of Christian Charity of the North American Eastern Province will hold our Provincial Chapter from February 14-18, 2019.  Please join us in praying the prayer for our Provincial Chapter.

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