Sunday, November 15, 2015

Stained-Glass People

In her essay, "Stained-Glass People," in the November 2 issue of America, Mariele Courtouis writes:  "Stained glass is impractical.  It doesn't help the stone wall stand.  In fact, it is the most vulnerable to breaking.  It is made from broken pieces.  It is a potential weak point in the wall.  But it is through stained glass that light can bring color to the darkened nave.  Its intricate array bears a secret in the night and a message in the day.  It makes the sunbeam striking.  By allowing something else to work through its stillness, it creates beauty."   She concludes:  "Even broken pieces have found their purpose in creation: to come together. . . . [Sometimes] we can make a gift of ourselves to others simply as signs of the light to come.  Sometimes, even if it is just for one person, a glance through the window to the view beyond the wall makes the most transformative impact of all."

This week, may we realize the transformative power of our brokenness -- that is, may we realize our power to become "stained-glass people."

Click here to read the essay in its entirety.

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