Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Story of Community

Click here to read Kerry Weber's "Of Many Things" essay in the October 5 issue of America.  Weber, Managing Editor of America, talks about the meaning of the Pope's visit to the United States.  Here is an excerpt:  "In the end, the story of Francis’ visit is, at its heart, a story of community. It has challenged American Catholics to acknowledge connections to those who may hold differing political views or those who may be on the periphery of society. It has reminded us that we should put as much effort and attention into welcoming our neighbor—the poor, the suffering, the dying, the imprisoned, those without a home or family or nation—as we have in welcoming Francis into our midst. . . . The papal visit has put the spotlight not just on Francis the man, but on the Gospel message he proclaims and lives: Mercy. Always mercy. Over and over again, Francis directs us back to Christ, who guides us in our own journeys and whom we must recognize in all those we meet along the way. "

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