Saturday, September 5, 2015

European Migrant Crisis

 Images of human beings -- especially children -- drowning or being forced to walk 100 miles to safety should motivate us to do what we can to aid our suffering brothers and sisters.  What will you do -- individually, in your ministry?  Your parish?  Your community?  Your convent home? Click here to go to the Caritas Internationalis site and here to go to the Catholic Relief Services site to learn how you can help support their efforts to aid the hundreds of thousands of refugees and economic migrants fleeing war-torn countries, especially Syria.  Click here if you'd like to make a very direct donation to the organization that is dedicated to providing assistance to migrants who "find themselves in distress while crossing the Mediterranean Sea in unsafe vessels." In the past year alone, this organization -- the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) -- has rescued more than 11,000 migrants attempting a crossing in "unseaworthy vessels."

Would you like to share information with us about what is being done in your area to help refugees?  Just click the "Comment" section to let us know.

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