Friday, August 30, 2013

Ask your local NBC affiliate to air "Women & Spirit"

You will recall the Women & Spirit exhibition that traveled the country from 2009-11.  To capture the essence of that exhibit, the documentary Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America was produced.  Now, the possibility exists to air the documentary on NBC's "Horizons of the Spirit" series.  Local NBC affiliates have the discretion to air the documentary between September 15, 2013 and March 15, 2014.  It is up to us to contact our local NBC affiliates to encourage them to air the documentary. Here's how to do that:

1. Find your local NBC station, using the online NBC Directory at, or your local phone directory.

2.  E-mail or phone the station with a message, such as:  "I am a local resident and viewer and I've learned that the documentary, Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America, will be available for broadcast on your station starting September 15.  I understand it's part of the NBC "Horizons of the Spirit" series and that information about the program is on the NBC Universal APT system.  Are you aware of it and do you have plans to broadcast it?  This is the virtual untold story of the nearly 300-year history of Catholic sisters in the U.S. and how they have helped shape our nation's social, cultural and spiritual landscapes.  Many people in your viewing area are becoming interested in the program.  I will help spread the word about any broadcasts.  Can we count on your station to air this program?"

 3.  Direct your sisters, associates, ministry partners and others to this sectionof the documentary website and ask them to make contact with NBC as well:  The more contacts made to a station, the better chances that the film will be aired.

4.  Consider urging local business to offer to advertise during the program if it is aired locally.  This, too, will increase the likelihood of a local NBC station airing the program.

5.  If you learn of a broadcast, please e-mail and consider spreading the word by organizing a group viewing session.
Building on the success of the Women & Spirit traveling exhibit, the documentary's availability to NBC is a great opportunity to use mass media for millions to see this incredible, 300-year-old story that includes our history and our present day ministries.

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