Saturday, August 5, 2017

Prayers for Japan on August 6

The United Church of Christ has offered this prayer for Japan on Sunday, August 6 -- the 72nd anniversary of the dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima:

Compassionate God,
On this Hiroshima Day, we pray for peace.
We pause to remember the devastation caused by the atomic bombs 72 years ago and the human suffering that continues to this day.  We also remember the horrific nuclear disaster in Fukushima 6 years ago.  Be with the people of Fukushima and neighboring areas who still suffer.  We pray for a world that is free from the suffering caused by nuclear weapons and nuclear disasters.  Give our leaders the wisdom and the leadership that is needed for true peace in this world.  As Jesus had compassion for those who were hungry and sick, let us too have compassion.  Let us also share what we have so that all are able to eat and be filled.  Let us believe that with faith in God, we too can make possible what seems impossible!  Help us God so that we are not complacent with systems that leave people to suffer.  Help us give voice to the injustices that exist and help bring about the peaceful world you meant for us.
Be with us and guide us,

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